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Ecology, Community and Indigenous Spirituality

Peru Winter 2010-2011

a truly gorgeous moment

Peru Tarapoto, Peru  |  Jan 21, 2011
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It’s been a few days since we’ve all left Centro Sachamama and made each of our individual ways home.  Navigating many airports, sub-freezing temperatures, canceled flights, lost baggage, all tested mightily my sense of deep wellbeing as the course wrapped up.  Still, the resonance from the three weeks we spent together persisted, carrying me through the travels, and remains now, close at hand…

On the final day, the entire group gathered around to share their final projects.  The days leading up to this afternoon were a frenzy of inspired creative making, thinking, feeling, doing, experience, laughing, talking, seeing, singing.  Though initially many people staked out peaceful nooks in which to work, as the hours progressed it was as if some enormous magnet was pulling each person to the same space:  by the start of the second day, the eating area was littered with sketchbooks, a large easel and canvas, computers, logs slowly turning into sculpture, weavings, colored pencils, musical instruments, pencils scratching.  The synergy of working in the company of one another seemed an irresistible pull.  Materials were pushed aside to eat, eating yet another moment of deep learning, the love and tastes our fabulous team of cooks/healers had imbued the dishes with positively nourishing us all.

So by the time the sharing happened, I’d been lucky enough to be in the presence of just about every single person creating inspiredly!  We sat around in a circle as each person shared what he or she had been working on.  It was clear that these were not just projects or papers:  they were tributes to experiences that had profoundly changed each individual, they were rousing calls to action, they were deep critiques, they were actively refashioning the world in which we all live, urging it to be a more just, balanced, tender place.  I was deeply moved witnessing the way in which each person opened to the group, showed vulnerability and also fierce strength in their experience.  And each person in the group had made arrival at that time/space possible for every other person:  it was a truly gorgeous moment that buoyed me through the return journey, that continues to imbue my days with lightness, knowing that mutual learning, living, and support is alive and well.  

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