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Sustainable Development in Senegalese Ecovillages!


Eco-Yoff! (?)

Senegal Yoff, Senegal  |  Dec 30, 2008
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A lot of us, not long after we arrived here, started to wonder what exactly made Eco-Yoff "eco." Yoff is a very urban neighborhood near the Leonard Senhor International Airport and a suburb of Dakar. GENSEN itself features some seed beds (the ones on tables) and some edible plants outside the entrance, I believe a banana and some tomatoes. People overall live much more simply, and that is an ecological plus, but a lot of troubles come from the impulse to modernize in the style of Americans and Europeans. But it seems, from our first class covering the course material, that ecovillage here is defined in terms of traditional simpler living and that the ecovillage distinctions made by GENSEN, particularly involving Yoff, are based on the efforts of locals in raising sustainability awareness, working to counter the onslaught of the detriments of modernization, and the efforts to transition to more sustainable lifestyles in urban settings. I guess I can come to terms with that, but it certainly isn't what I expected!

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