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My research group looked into the food issues and systems within Auroville. Here's a little bit of what we discovered!


India Auroville, India  |  May 02, 2011
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Food. Everyone eats it. eVeryone needs it. So how does it work here in Auroville? That's what my research group focused on throughout our semester. We got to visit a handful of Auroville's farms, the foundation of the local food supply. There's Anapurna farm, where an expansive 130 acres supply 2% of Auroville's grain. Solitude, Buddha Garden, Windarra and Siddhartha, and the new Brihaspati and Ayyarpady farms, which produce somewhere between 30%-50% of AV's fruits and veggies. Considering that AV produces less than 40% o its own food, the farms could definitely use a boost. Like a large percentage of small, organic farms everywhere, Auroville farms run off help from volunteers and $ contributions, and can always use more help. There does exist however, a wonderful bridge between farms and the mouths of Aurovillians, called Foodlink. Each morning, farms drop off their harvest at Foodlink, which then distributes it to the two Pour Tous' (small grocery stores) to sell fresh, or is cooked into a delicious meal at Solar Kitchen, La Terrace, and if there's enough left over, Visitor's Center. Solar Kitchen alone feeds 23% of Aurovillians once dailiy, by means of a lunch or dinner at their cafeteria, delivered to AV's schools or in tiffins to outlying communities. Not to mention that Solar Kitchen has been a staple in the diet of the lives of Living Routes students, too. ;) All in all we've been eating pretty well here, and it's been a great experience contributing on the farms to feeding the community. Bon appetit!

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  • FOOD!

    May 02, 2011
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