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What is the most interesting thing you learned in another culture?

We are all very similar. The T-shirt that I choose to wear in the US affects the fashion trends around the world...or at least it has that potential.

  • Currently in Findhorn, Scotland

Introductory poem

I have not left yet but I have the urge to write this poem because I have been thinking of my travels so much that I feel like I am already at Findhorn.

A Journal of a Journey to Joy

United States United States  |  Feb 08, 2011
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 Who I am and what I am, is what I am... Most likely... 

I am here under a cloudy sky 

with a warm sun underneath my heart.

I scurry to give my regards to everyone I know and to do everything that I have wanted to do...almost like I am about to die.

I am about to die!

I am ready to leave who I was behind and find who I really am. I know that this experience will change who I am exteriorly but that's not what is most important.

I hope this experience is a endless pool of water...

water that I will dive into, and plummet to the deepest depth of my soul.

all I care is about who I am. Which means all I care about is everything. Because I know I am a part of it all.

I am a flaming star that shouts my light into an ever expanding universe.

Fuck, this is starting to sound like a poem. what a cliche... Whatever.,,,

I have been going against the grain my whole life, but there, I just said another cliche. 

Repetition annoys me but I have been repeating that my whole life.

It is time for me to see the glory in the eyes of everything.

This is my prayer.

I pray that in my new life I will see into the many dimensions of reality.

I pray that I will become whole... wholly holey holy whole!

I pray that I learn so much that my mind explodes and I extends to my fullest potential

I pray that my love stretches like Silly-Putty until it breaks and I discover it is not silly nor putty. I pray that it expands until it wraps the world in a giant hug, and then wraps around again for another.

I pray that my mind my soul my heart and my body jumps and dances with freedom and joy. Sings with the breath of god. Laughs like thunder. Releases like a waterfall into the ocean.

I will churn my compost until flowers sprout naturally. I will till my soil till my body is as soft and ready as a worm. and the sunlight will penetrate my leaves with such intensity I will have no choice but to grow past the sky and build the strength to break concrete.

I am the freedom past habit. no more attending rehab-it. 

I am as fleeting as the song of the bird out my window. I am that joyful as well. I cannot be grasped but I know that I am here. 

Now I shall fly!

I will fly across the sky with such clear sight that I will become an eagle. 

I will fly for so long that I will eventually hit the sun and burn....

I will then become a phoenix.

I will burn so many times that I will become a sun.

I will spread so much light into the sky that I will become the sky and when I become the sky, I will become everything else as well.

Love, growth, beauty, blessings, truth to all my relations.


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  • A Journal of a Journey to Joy

    February 08, 2011
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