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Week 6 Blog entry

this is what we did

Week 6 Blog entry

Scotland Findhorn, Scotland  |  Apr 01, 2011
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We entered a giant gate, tables, and chairs, and pots lay on the sides of the road. Inside the poly-tunnel there wasn’t any plants growing instead there was a luscious garden of old stuff for low prices. We entered a shack and learned about “Waste Busters” the facility that we were at which collects recycling from Moray county and takes peoples cool unwanted junk and sells it. 

Day two we basically had a dance party for class in “Exploring Self and Other through Arts.” Are wonderful teacher Lisa led a “Journey Dance”. We went through many waves: warming up our bodies, talking to others with our bodies and doing an african dance. It was a party!

For “Group Dynamics” we learned about archetypes and how to use them to create positive leadership. Then we had “Tea Break!” I love Tea Break... For the second half of the class we learned about Non-Violent Communication. At the end of the class we did role playing with giraffe ears (the empathetic compassionate role) and jackal ears (the critical, judgmental, blaming role). IT WAS HILARIOUS!...

Thursday For “World views and Consciousness” we learned Reiki. Melissa showed us the hand positions and we did treatments on ourselves and on others. It has become an important part in my day to clear energy and feel subtler dimensions of myself. Once we do treatments on ourselves for ten days we will be attuned where we are given a certain energy to help our energy healing. 

Friday we went to New Bold House where we learned about the garden and about farming in general from Chris. He also told us more about the Farm and Garden at Findhorn and the foundations connection to New Bold. To end the class we planted some beans. It was sunny and sprinkling rain. So beautiful... For the second half of the day we walked around the land with Craig and learned about permaculture from the nature around us. At night we played music and sang by a fire in the Earth lodge with Craig.

When it was Saturday we still had class but it was fun. We continued our permaculture workshop by building a garden bed. The sun was shinning bright... We through many things into the bed including: dirt that was dug up from the construction site, sticks, newspapers and paper, horse poop and ash. Craig said “The more diversity in the soil the better, that way everything supports each other.” We had a very wonderful time... So much laughter, and play, falling, dancing, singing and team work!

Sunday we went back to Craig’s house and harvested wild and domestic plants from the garden, then chopped them up, put them in a soup, made a wild green salad, and cooked it all over a fire... It tasted delicious... Then we hung around the with satisfied bellies watching the chickens and absorbing the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon, just like the native people did... 

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  • Week 6 Blog entry

    April 01, 2011
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