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United States United States  |  Jan 20, 2011
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My name is Missy Rice. I'm excited to explore Auroville with you. I am an environmental studies student at Mount Holyoke College, a liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts (and the first women's college in the world!). I think that Americans like myself can learn a lot from intentional communities like Auroville and specifically Indian practices of environmentalism and nonviolence. I spent last summer in Bangalore, India, working at an urban planning NGO. The people I met astonished me with their hospitality; they welcomed me into their homes and on their hikes in gorgeous Karnataka (the state neighboring Tamil Nadu). I hope I can see them after the LR program and introduce them to you. I can't wait to meet you. I'm passionate about hiking, learning languages, and hands-on learning. At school, my main extracurricular activity is the naginata club. Naginata is a weapons-based women's martial art from Japan. . My ES concentration is environmental politics and policy. This semester, my classes have focused on political ecology and economy, land rights, geology, and.. Urdu. I view the LR program as a chance to learn about new techniques and ideologies of sustainability (from concrete methods for farming, building, and producing goods to abstract philosophies). My other goal is to explore some of big questions: how can I reconcile myself with and live "justly" in a unjust world? I've started taking Urdu and hope to practice it (as spoken Hindi) in India. I plan to study Tamil as well. I'm also looking to research on land rights (esp. the rights of communities living in national forests) in South India after the program's end. I love Bollywood and Tamil cinema, especially the song-and-dance sequences. Is anyone else interested in those things? I can also be a resource if you are looking for some friendly faces or contacts (esp. at NGOs) in South India

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    January 20, 2011
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