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  • 28 years old
  • From New York, United States
  • Currently in Auroville, India

Notes on freedom...

the content here is the soil turned over by a traveller traveling a path of unraveling; Symbols to relate the realization of the symbol-less. What will be left here is the fruit resulting from my time in Auroville, India and elsewhere; the blossomings of self-discovery.


India Auroville, India  |  May 01, 2011
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I have been looking at the sky lately, guessing at the possibilities of rain. The most stable weather is here, with the everyday sunshine rain is a treat-depending on how it affects you. Yermolai (definitely spelled wrong), the gardener here at College Guest House, told me he had to take off work to help redo his home's keet roof after a night of really strong rains. My roof hasn't leaked so I love the rain. The unpredictability of weather lends some excitement to my experience, a new thing to be explored. Our semester ends tomorrow and I leave to travel around India for 2 months; I think there will be plenty of unpredictability, if unpredictability is what you crave, come to India.

Auroville is quiet compared to the Indian cities, you can forget the whole world as long as you stay off the dusty roads by Solar Kitchen and the Matrimandir. That's what I was experiencing at least. I changed my flight ticket yesterday on Skype and the woman asked what all the noise in the background was. The birds, they were singing, so many of them! I appreciate her bringing this back to my awareness. There is so much life, every moment it seems there is some kind of insect really intent on exploring my body. Or maybe it's just sweat dripping; it's super hot by 9 am. The reality of the sun and earth hosting all beings is one that I can't run away from here. Whether I am sweaty, scratching mosquito bites, avoiding stepping on ants or harvesting longbeans, I know that all of these are manifesting all of this. My participation in this cycle is reflected back everywhere.

It feels almost like a joke that the semester is going to end tomorrow, like we keep talking about it, but really it's just going to be another day full of sweaty bike rides, lunch decisions, and circles. I don't know what tomorrow brings but I do know that I have enjoyed these past 3 months. I feel full of something, like my whole time on this program and in Auroville I have been gleaning, nibbling and digesting, and now my belly is full. With all this sustenance in me what do I do next? 

I've read somewhere in some yogic/ayurvedic thing on eating that what we take in as food influences the states of our mind. If that has some merit to it then there's not much questioning of what do I do next. All this that has fed me is filling my mind with thoughts of increasing unity in the world, the possibilities for interaction between humans and plants, and the willingness to manifest a new reality. I'm immensely inspired by my teachers here, Aurovilians, and the capacity for creative understanding that is displayed.

The possibilities are endless, "unending education" as the Auroville charter says. See, how can this semester be over! It never began and it will never end! This is forever!   

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