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If you could travel to any place in any period in history, where would you go?

Maybe the U.S.A before the settlers came, or before the settlers massacred the Native Americans.

  • 30 years old
  • From Illinois, United States
  • Currently in Auroville, India

India! What's up!

Please enjoy my serious musings about Sadhana Forest in Tamil Nadu, India. The program is a three-week long study abroad in an ecovillage, where I will live and study reforestation practices and earth-friendly living.

Before we get off the ground...

United States California, United States  |  Dec 24, 2010
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Well. I've been out of school now for a week and a half or so, and already my fingers forget how to type. 

All the preparation for this trip. Better to be overprepared than underprepared I suppose. I will be well rested. I fell asleep at 6 pm one evening. J The daily schedule in Sadhana Forest begins at 5 am, I believe, with yoga and meditation. SO. I better be well-rested.

Clearly my writing brain needs exercise. I can barely continue! My fingers are so weak.

Leaving school. For good. Now I can relax. Will I be able to relax into this place? Not speed around it like another accomplishment to pin to myself. Credentials. Now I’ve got credentials. I’m afraid of losing home. I’m afraid of losing touch with the home I’ve made in Denver. What will be the same? What will be different? Will I try to strangle it into something while I’m in India? Will I let it be. Will I crumble if it crumbles? Will I have the strength to rebuild when I go back. Speculating about you, India, I have done much of that through preparations. This and that, facts, pictures and stories. What will you really be like? I have no idea. 

This is my first blog entry and it’s tinged with sad. I’m really glad I’ll be flying in with someone from the trip from Dubai!

Okay. Signing off here,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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