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learn a language, volunteer in a needy community, work with the environment, experience a new culture through studying, experience a new culture through volunteering, meet new people, make some money, change the world [somehow], adventure travel

  • Currently in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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These journal entries will be a compilation of my experience on the Living Routes program to the Mo...

Hog facility in Monteverde.

A weekend in San Luis.

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    zoehoffman smiled at MelissaWinchell Fri Apr 15, 2011
    do smile
    MELISSA! i am having a little Findhorn moment right now while i am still in Mexico ha! and so I went on the livingroutes website to check out if anyone from the spring 2011 program had put up new pictures. But then I remembered YOU were on a LR program and I found you!!!!! :-)

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