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Monteverde, Costa Rica Adventure!

These journal entries will be a compilation of my experience on the Living Routes program to the Monteverde Institute. They will be addressing adventures I go on, processes I go through and awarenesses I gain from this experience.

Chillin' in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Granada, Nicaragua  |  Mar 09, 2011
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What an adventure! We began our "spring break" with a gorgeous camping trip right on the beach of Santa Rosa National Park. The beach was pristine and practically empty due to the horrendously bumping, hour long, commute down. Here we were able to experience the harsh climate of the lowland rainforest and, luckily, were given various opportunities to swim in the Pacific Ocean. It was absolutely gorgeous!

After a great 2 days in northern Costa Rica we headed to Nicaragua. Crossing the border put me on edge. The people in charge took our passports and threw them in a random plastic bag. Being parted with my passport for over an hour was hard to not react to. Part of the confusion about crossing the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica is that for a period you are stamped out of Costa Rica, but have another 100 yards before you're in Nicaragua and are stamped there. So, technically, I was nowhere for half an hour.

At the place we stayed, there were star fruit trees that we munched on (my first time trying fresh star fruit). We also visited two separate artisan fairs. This opened my eyes to the prevalence of tourism and how much dependency there is on it for income. All the streets were checkered with tiles and the buildings were a patchwork of colors. It was shocking to see that the houses weren't even detached; they were merely separated by walls and colors. On the outside, they appeared fairly uniform, but in the heat everyone had their doors open which was a window into another world--snug, decorated, beautiful homes.

Nicaragua is very different from Costa Rica--at least what I have seen of Costa Rica/Nicaragua. We stayed in Granada for two nights and I have never witnessed poverty like I did here. It is a completely different world from the one I live in back in the States. I'm don't feel like I can go too far into that right now because, having just returned an hour ago, I have much to process.

For now that's all!


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