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Living Routes Senegal Fall 2009

Living Routes study abroad program in Senegal, Fall 2009 (September-December 2009)

Korité and Other News

Senegal Dakar, Senegal  |  Sep 22, 2009
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 My family celebrated Korité (the end of Ramadan) on Sunday. 

(This entry was adapted from an e-mail I sent on September 22, so I am posting it under that date even though it is now October 8.)

Hmm, the power just went out.  Luckily there's a generator here at MyShop, a fairly modern store/restaurant near the school (about 15 minutes from my house) that has free wifi. 

My family celebrated Korité (the end of Ramadan) on Sunday.  I had thought there was a set date for Korité, but apparently it could be either Sunday or Monday depending on whether the moon was sighted or not.  And I guess not everyone in the community celebrates it on the same day.  But anyway, for us it was Sunday.  My family didn't really make a huge deal of it.  They did spend most of the day preparing the meal we ate around 4:30pm.  They dressed up in the evening.  Apparently everyone who can afford it has a new boubou (traditional outfit) made for Korité every year.  And there were visitors coming in and out all day and evening.

Ruthanne and Nikki went to Akou's house in Thies (a smaller city a few hours away) for the weekend.  (Akou is one of the Senegalese students.)  Apparently they had a bigger Korité celebration, with lots of family.  (I think I heard something about a monkey too...)

I hear it is supposed to be even hotter in the village than it is here in Dakar/Yoff.  Apparently it's not as bad because it's dry heat, not humid like here.  But even so, I don't know how much hotter it can get before I'll melt into a slimy puddle of sweat...

I went to the market in Yoff today.  It's held on Tuesdays and it's right near my house, but I hadn't been to it before.  It's smaller but much less hectic than the market in Dakar.  I went there once with Akou and a bunch of the American students, and vendors were really harassing the toubabs (white people) to try to get us to buy stuff.  Anyway, I got a few (used, I think) shirts at the market in Yoff today.  I have a feeling I paid more than your average Senegalese person would, but I did manage to bargain down a lot from the original price that was offered.

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