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  • 29 years old
  • From Montana, United States
  • Currently in Oregon, United States


Leaving the land of the known to a place and people unknown to me. What brought me here and where am I going?...

“Farwell to the west now, my mind is open to the east. Thank you for the space we shared, and the heart and soul my friend... Peace to you for now, we will share again.”

United States Oregon, United States  |  Aug 31, 2010
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     I am sitting in a Vietnamese cafe in downtown Portland, sipping on soup and tea. It is the last day of August, and the rain is drizzling outside... it seems as if summer has already come and gone here. I am watching as people stroll by the window; a business man running back to work, seemingly late from his lunch break; two young girls with shopping bags chatting on their cell phones pass a man with a cardboard sign "No work in three weeks. Anything helps." Cars pass, honk, wait at the light; the television in the cafe reports another roadside bomb in Afghanistan. This is the United States, these are my people, I am one of them, I am a part of it. I have been thinking lately of what I call home, and who I identify with. At times, like at this moment, I feel as if I am peering as an outsider into the lives of strangers. Strangers who buy too much, eat too much, don't know each other, don't understand their world, and are lost souls. Most of the time I am part of the ebb and flow of life here. I feel the connections from person to person, plant to person, earth to plant. I am just as much a part of it as you are, together we make up the whole. So, realizing and accepting this philosophy, I begin to ponder my role, what my puzzle piece is that makes up the whole. I have always classified myself as a taker but also a giver; a lover of people and of the earth, a consciencious citizen searching for a way for all beings to living in harmony. But as I search for these answers and discover the depths of the ways of the world I can't help but think about a lyric from a Coldplay song, "am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease?"

    So I am going to India. I am leaving this place of my people and visiting a land of the unknown. There I will be an outsider and a visitor. I am wondering why I am leaving this place. Yes it has to do with education and college credit, but I wonder how much of my departue is due not to seek adventure, but instead to run away. To forget about our problems as a society, to get away from consumption and greed, to get away from a place I do not understand, to leave complicated relationships and fears of the uncertainty of the future. As the date of my departure approches, these questions and answers become fuzzy. The time is coming and "my mind is open to the east". So peace out home, country, land...I will be back.

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  • “Farwell to the west now, my mind is open to the east. Thank you for the space we shared, and the heart and soul my friend... Peace to you for now, we will share again.”

    August 31, 2010
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