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Time to Know the Truth
9 Years ago

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A journal about my seventh return to this land called "India"; in an attempt to describe this "int...

This travel journal is dedicated to my experiences as faculty in Spring 2009 semester with Living ...

This is a mini-doc I filmed last year in Dharmasala India, with my colleague Tom Sepe. We filmed th...

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  • Earth Week and Living Routes..

    Fri Apr 29, 2011

    I wonder how many study abroad programs get to participate fully in Earth Day as an integral  part of their semeseter.?...well we do! Earth Week began with a bang! Carbon offsetting and Water Harvesting presentations from current and past Living Routes faculty, and Aurovillians. These were pr…  Read More

  • Travel Part 3: Hamsa Farm..and coming home

    Sun Apr 24, 2011

    John was a Living Routes student. I think that is what makes the connection with the program so special. He was so interested in Auroville, that he came back to do his final thesis here, and stayed longer than expected. A lot longer. Along the way he fell in love with his now wife, Sweta. They are …  Read More

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