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TIbetan Documentary

This is a mini-doc I filmed last year in Dharmasala India, with my colleague Tom Sepe. We filmed this in the light of the 49th anniversary of the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

TIbetan Documentary

India McLeod Ganj, India  |  Mar 18, 2008
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 Some of you have asked to see this documentary I finished last year.. 

In March of 2008, there were protests in Tibet agaist the 49th anniversary of the Chinese occupation. Many people were killed, thousands of Tibetans were arrested. No international media was allowed to cover what was happening inside Tibet, and were extricated from the country. People were risking their lives, and the lives of thier families to get information out to the world from Tibet.


Me and my colleage, Tom Sepe went to the headquarters of the Tibetan Government in exile to interview, and spread the word  about the situation in Tibet, and to highlight what was happening during the time of the Olympics in Bejing.

The Tibetans came to India in 1949 fleeing from the oppressive PRC government and established their governance, cultures, and traditions in exile.

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  • TIbetan Documentary

    March 18, 2008
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