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Auroville 2009

This travel journal is dedicated to my experiences as faculty in Spring 2009 semester with Living Routes study abroad program.

Living in a teaching community

India Pondicherry, India  |  Feb 19, 2009
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 Here and now, Auroville teaching and learning 

As I pen this, pop Bollywood/Indian pop music encourages me to "Rock the Dancefloor", a reminder that I am probably not sitting at any cafe, anywhere in the world, but am back in india, the counrty i love and adore, but this time with a twist.

Its been six sequential years that I have been returning to India, as a student of music, of culture, religion, and now a teacher. A dream made true, and filled with hopes, fears, fun, and challange. I feel myself being stretched in ways I had not previously known. In a counrty where, "..anything is possible" I am now understanding this to be true. My being is "silly puddy", the experience of what I have known to be true about myself is being shaped and recreated with each question, each decision, and each moment of interaction with students, faculty, new freinds and loved ones alike. And like "silly puddy" the new imprints shapes stay formed within, informing the next series of events, but not ruling over them.  "Change" is  the  ever constant, and "flow" the ever mantra.

I take my role as faculty seriously, as I feel not only responsible for the well being of 10 students, but for the belief in the ability of a program like Living Routes to transform lives. Each one coming here with our own experiences and intentions, leaves room for a diversity of possibility, opportunites beyond the black and white letters of learning.

Already we (10 students, two faculty, one faculty in training, and our Progam Coordinator) have come together as a community, set guidelines, arrived at agreements, decision making processes, traveled together, and embarked upon a series of learning experiences in and outside the classroom setting. Auroville is an amazing community, an amazing experiment, and an amazing laboratory of whatever experiment one wishes to embark upon. Its entirely a microcosm of the macrocosm. Nothing in this world is without is flaws, and Auroville has those too. To be able to question and critcize is also a part of learning. Students see it all, and question without reservation their own values inside of this container.

Today I am teaching a seminar on "Exploring Self in a Community Context" using elements of Deep Ecology, Buddhist philosophy, and examples of intentional communities throughout the world. The students are presenting the readings I assigned themselves to the group. Together we live, we learn, we expand, contract, and grow. As an educator, I don't necessarily have the consistancy of the day to day, classroom setting, and then again I am finding that in this setting I have so much more.




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  • Living in a teaching community

    February 19, 2009
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