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India, Spring 2011

A journal about my seventh return to this land called "India"; in an attempt to describe this "inter-vidual" experience with two other faculty, many students, and the time we share in an integrated living, being and learning semester.

Buddha Gardens..

India Auroville, India  |  Mar 17, 2011
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During our community stay we (myself and six students) worked and lived on one of the community farms in Auroville called Buddha Gardens.

I had worked on farms before, but for most of the students this was their first time. Waking up at 6am, (although the roosters wake us up earlier), and going into the fields as the sun is rising is a beautiful experience to behold. There is a feeling of being one with the land at these moments, as if greeting the plants at this hour is a natural start of the day. The grass is still moist, and its as if the plants are just waking up too.

In the fields, picking lettuce, arrugala, or basil, we talk of our dreams, so close to waking. We laugh about ourselves, and ponder the significance of this person or that occurance, what does it all mean? What about that house with the rooms that all look alike, and then my friend entered and told me i had to go...then i noticed that i was somewhere completely different...yeah, i had a dream like that once, someone else would say...and the conversation continues. The plants know our dreams and some of our secrets.Sometimes we planed starts, sometimes we harvested, the food we were growing went directly to solar kitchen, or visitors center, and we most likely would end up eating for lunch what we had harvested earlier that day, at these other locations. Auroville has a lot to offer, and the problem of growing enough organic produce is one that comes up repeatedly. 

After working, we ate breakfast with the group, and talked about what was going on that day. The average day for the students went like; work in the morning, internship till lunch, lunch, class, yoga, dinner, and sometimes evening activity, but by then it was mostly straight to bed.This set a rhythym of going to sleep with the sun and rising with the sun, a natural way to be.

Although the life on the farm was taxing, the strenuous schedule keep it moving along at a furious pace, I think the value of the entire experience was immesurable. Living on solar, so close to the land, in a land so far away is priceless.

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