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India, Spring 2011

A journal about my seventh return to this land called "India"; in an attempt to describe this "inter-vidual" experience with two other faculty, many students, and the time we share in an integrated living, being and learning semester.

India, Spring 2011

India Auroville, India  |  Nov 28, 2010
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Pre- Trip, India.

November,  2010

I can't honestly say why it is that I am called time and time again to travel to India. I often tell myself that its because of what my home in the states is not. Often easier trying to define something by what it isn't. But its true. And as I prepare for my next journey again to the land of devotion,  and big hearted people, I cannot commplety put a finger on it.

There is much to learn about a culture thousands of years older than our own, a landscape that has suffered colonialism, breutality time and time again, and a people whom have so little, yet often live their lives with an air regal beauty.

As a teacher, guide, fellow traveler, I prepare for what's ahead, and what can't possibly be prepared for simultaneously. This is where my role and the comforts of this land coexist. Its the place inbetween where the two extremes meet, and the result rides on a vehicle called Karma, or someting that is unknown yet may be understood with different glasses.

I prepare to embrace the eighteen students, the land both familiar and not, the traditions both familiar and far away, and hold all of these gently. And with some anticipation, and after the last item has been properly stored for my return home (?), I transgress from  'farewell' toward the moment of 'vanakkam' (welcome in Tamil).

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