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India, Spring 2011

A journal about my seventh return to this land called "India"; in an attempt to describe this "inter-vidual" experience with two other faculty, many students, and the time we share in an integrated living, being and learning semester.

The circle is open, but never broken...

India Auroville, India  |  May 04, 2011
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Being a tourist can be transformative. Living, being, sharing experiences with those whom you are "touisting" creates a situation beyond transformation. So many in our group have captivated this gleaning the benefits, which they will take home, and integrate into their own lives. Our last week here together in Auroville, was full! We shared our learnings via a tree metaphore, the roots (sources of activities and influences), the trunk (beliefs, principles, premises, etc) the leaves (specific learnings) and seeds (actions and practices that need cultivation). We celebrated with our last dinner together, reliving the semester with a slideshow and video clips of the entirety of the program, and thanking everyone who was a part of making the semester wonderful. From those who invited us to help with the service learning, to the staff who accomodated us, making a home away from home. We shared what it will be like returning to a familiar and not familiar place, and how that will be? Most of all how do we as a community support each other when we return, how do we keep this new found love of life, and inspired transformation with us as we return to an old environment. In reflection, so much was shared, done, built upon, all too much to mention, but there were definately highlights. Travel to cities the chaos, and harmony of chaos. The country of the Coorg, the diverstiy of tropics among coffee plantations , the diversity of birds and plants. Living and being with Auroville, with the surrounding villages and the people from all areas of the world. The fullness of being with a group of 21, spending so much time together, and being ok with what comes up in the day to day living.

I can safely say that I have witnessed so much transformation so much growth among every one of us, and this brings me hope of the world. I know that each one will bring this with them, and influence others to do the same. Transormation is possilbe.

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