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getting ready for an adventure in Auroville, India!!

5 weeks down..

India Auroville, India  |  Oct 17, 2010
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 It feels like I just got here, but it feels like I've been here forever. 

I can't believe we've already been here for 5 weeks! It feels like I just got here, but it feels like I've been here forever as well. 

When I was trying to decide whether to come on this program, I wanted to know what a day would be like. So here's an example:

6:15 - yoga! We have yoga Tues-Sat with our crazy French yoga teacher, Shambo. We follow up with meditation, and togeth it takes about an hour and a half.

8:00 - breakfast and check in. We have the same breakfast every day, but it never gets old! And it always includes plenty of fresh tropical fruit. Then we go around and give a quick summary of how we're feeling physically. It didn't take us long to be sharing about our bowel movements and other bodily functions!

9:00 - service learning. We cycle our different ways to our service learning sights every Tues-Fri. I'm working at Thamarai, an Education and Healing Center. I help give basic treatments to people that come in, and I'm putting together a health and nutrition curriculum using local plants for a class they have for teenage girls on Saturdays. School children also come in every day for an hour for health education, and  I help with that as well. It's a lot of fun, and I'm learning so much! Sometimes I also get to help with the playgroup, which is a group of 2-3 year olds. It's great to just play with them.

Mondays we have class in the morning, and Saturdays we have personal reflection time.

Lunch is on our own.

2:15 - class. Our classes are discussion based, so usually we will do readings and then talk about it in class. Some people were frustrated that we are just talking and not doing, but the curriculum is very flexible. It's really up to us what we want to get out of the program. We choose the books we read for each class, and to some extent our paper topics. Wednesday afternoons are free.

6:30 - dinner. They always feed us so much good food! I try to just take a little, but I always end up stuffed. It's less spicy than the typical food around here, but it's plenty of spice for us!

7:30 - optional activities. Some nights we have Tamil lesson, and some nights we have people from Auroville come and do activities with us. One week we did Theatre Sports, which is basically silly games, and another week was Capoeira. On Thursdays, we have our Community Sharing. It's supposed to be a space where you can share from your heart and everybody just listens, without judging.

Then it's hopefully early to bed so we can start it all over again!

Unfortunately, my camera broke so I don't have any pictures to share with you. I do, however, have a personal blog which I update more frequently. The link is www.wishuponsunshine.blogspot.com. I will probably take some of what I've written there about our trip to Tiruvannamalai and share it here!

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