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Auroville Spring 2010

Third semester here in Auroville. Full of new fun and adventure.

Almost halfway through the semester.

India Auroville, India  |  Mar 11, 2010
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 Today we spent the day in a shared program with the University of Pondicherry. In other news, I have a worm living in my foot. 

Well, today we spent the day in a shared program with Pondicherry University, hearing presentations from students in their Sustainable Development Masters Program, giving our own, and creating dialogue between our two programs. It was quite fascinating. I think it was a great opportunity for our students to get to interface with Indian students looking at environmental issues from the perspective of a fairly traditional university. Afterwards we went to the beach for dinner and a relaxing evening. Overall a nice day, though I'm not used to sitting so much.  

In other news, I have a worm growing in my foot. I had been feeling a progressively itchier sensation in my left foot, around my pinkie area (yes, that's the same one with the broken toe). Finally, a few days ago I saw a wormy type pattern along the side of my toe, and realized it was probably not the severe athlete's foot that I had been suspecting. So I spent four hours at the Pondicherry Institute for Medical Sciences (PIMS) yesterday morning waiting for a correct diagnosis. I tried to stay patient (no pun intended) )by reading "Grace and Grit" by Ken Wilbur, which is an amazing book. Eventually a doctor saw me, thought it was athlete's foot, and then took me in to see the lead doctor (this whole process taking over two hours). She found, after a very short examination, that it was actually a worm (of the hookworm family) which is usually found in the digestive system, but apparently was "lost" in my foot, having found its way from some dirt. Lovely.

So I have taken an anti-worm medicine, that is hopefully eliminating this little friend. I actually feel a bit bad for killing it in this way, but I don't know of another way to remove it, and I must admit the itching is a bit maddening. So my tally so far for this semester: one case of chikungunya, one broken toe, one worm in my foot. I hope this is the tail end of the health problems for the semester. Oh well, its all a learning experience. I still love India, and she certainly seems to be showing her love for me. 

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  • Almost halfway through the semester.

    March 11, 2010
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