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  • Currently in Findhorn, Scotland

Drums, leeks and sounds.

A sip of week three in Findhorn.

Drums, leeks and sounds.

Scotland Findhorn, Scotland  |  Mar 13, 2011
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    The rain and snow and sleet have come. It makes Findhorn feel like a different place, after one month of clear skies to the stars and sun. A cozier time, inside with blankets and books to read for classes. I had been struggling with schoolwork for a little while.. because our days are so full that I wanted to utilize any free time as self time. But this weekend I saw the books and papers as a different sort of self time; of new mind forests and feelings that I might not have entered on my own.   

In Applied Sustainability, Graham taught us about energy. The oil we use in every facet of life is running out , and we are not making the necessary changes to our lifestyles and communities in order to survive when it does. There are many other energy options that we could switch to: solar energy, biomass boiler, tide power, wave power… but I find myself worried that the “Powers that Be” will continue to fight over the remaining oil, instead of using it to implant more sustainable systems.   

I feel tremendously optimistic about our ability to shift into social sustainability, however. I believe this is one of the most important facets of sustainability to develop because the state of our interpersonal connections and community structures, determines our resilience and power behind all other sustainable efforts. We are experiencing many social technologies and group processes that will help us form and maintain more sustainable relationships and communities. Forums, group processes, attunement, understanding signals and roles, awareness of diversity and levels of communication.. I have loved learning and experiencing these in my group during Group Dynamics and Living Curriculum. 

   Exploring Art in Community and Self has been beauutiful and playful. We made masks of each other’s faces, which will help us become nature beings in the Council for All Beings. In this ceremony, we will each speak for a different part of nature that needs a voice, or has something to say for the wellbeing of the Earth. We went outside for a while to let this being come to us.. I am moss, and others are seal, rock kingdom, salmon, frog, mica, wolf and butterfly. In this class we have also chosen personal Creative Pathways, which is a semester-long exploration or an art form. I am going to create soul portraits o f 15 members of the community in ink and watercolor. This project came together because I wanted to connect with people beyond conversation. I’m a bit nervous about it, but I know it will be a ripe and glorious experience.   

We have also begun semester-long practices in Worldviews and Consciousness. The first half of the semester we are participating in whichever community practices we are drawn to, and later we will develop personal practices. I have been dancing the 5 rhythms and meditating with the community 3 times a week for my community practice. On my own time I paint out my unconscious images and feelings of the day in watercolor, I meditate in the Nature Sanctuary, sing, stretch, and whatever else keeps my inside world grooving.   

Moments are vast and permeating here… I wish I could describe it more than just our classwork, but without parameters I think I would have pattered about clouds and sharing and holding hands and deer and blankets. If you’d like more peeks of moments here, you can look at my photograph blog! It is at 

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  • Drums, leeks and sounds.

    March 13, 2011
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