Senegal Winter 2009

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Senegal Winter 2009

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  • Île de Gorée - Bonne Année!

  • Back to Yoff

    Travel Journal from Senegal Yoff, Senegal | Sat Jan 10, 2009

    We got back into Yoff after a long drive. We were all ready and packed in record time, so we took some pictures. Then we realized that Thiaka was getting milk. I had no idea what was taking so long, but finally Artemis told me that we had to wait for them to milk the cow! The car ride was much better because we no longer had Bouba with us; it …


  • The Moon is Upside Down in Africa!

    Travel Journal from Senegal Yoff, Senegal | Tue Dec 30, 2008

    Jess had us up kind of late last night. She was terribly sick. We made ourselves breakfast in our little flat this morning. In class we talked about Appreciative Inquiry, which I read a book on before coming. Lunch was white rice with a peanut sauce, yummmm! Dinner was like a salad with french fries. so0o good! I already miss salads from home! After class, Sam, Katie, Nastia, Fatou, and I went to …

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