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  • Self Introduction

    Travel Journal from India India | Mon Sep 21, 2009

    As I sit next to a Pest O Flash (bugzapper) frying bugs away. I am reminded of the fact that I am here on a personal journey in which I inted to deepen my connection with nature and lessen my reliance on fossil fuels. In all seriousness though my name is Tanner garth and I am a senior at Southwestern University in Georgetown Tx. I currently am a religion major …

    Doing the Do

  • My Me Time

    Travel Journal from Chile Concepcion, Chile | Thu Aug 27, 2009

    The night before Arianne left we had walked around Buenos Aires for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning looping for a club that was recommended to us, that we never found, so we didn´t get much sleep. It was interesting seeing the city at night. I prefer the night anyway. Needless to say, I wasn´t on a lot of sleep, so I grabbed a café fisrt. …

    The Road After

  • Party like its IPEC!!!

    Travel Journal from Chile Concepcion, Chile | Mon Aug 24, 2009

    After our final project presentations, we had to let go, the last few days were pretty much a cram fest, so . . . We had dinner, relaxed for a quick minute, and then headed to the "social gathering place," built by Becky, for our talent show. Becky insisted that the host be costumed, so we "borrowed" Flavio´s very gangster cowboy hat-- brown, suede, and sweaty deliciousness-- and matched with a …

    First Chance First

  • What does Being Green mean, exactly?

    Travel Journal from Brazil Pirenopolis, Brazil | Thu Jul 30, 2009

         In today's society, technology has led to the immediate global distribution of new ideas, concepts, and actions with a couple of “clicks.” Consequently, trends become global, their rate of growth increasing exponentially from the large injections of money that companies, interest groups, and governments put into marketing.  As with other seemingly prosperous trends, the marketing industry has began its sale of “green” living.  Without more than a superficial understanding …

    99% of Everything is Follow-through

  • Anecdotes

    Travel Journal from Brazil Brasilia, Brazil | Thu Jul 30, 2009

    Ok so I'm going to try to think of some good anecdotes, Megan-style, to add here. So far the mystery meat one is pretty good. Flavio's was probably too short, and also a need to be there moment. Hmmm. Ooo, Lucy's birthday is today! But just in case she reads this beforehand, I'll have to save it for later. Well, we'll try this one. Allie, one of the wonderful LivingRoutes compadres, and …

    Blog Spot Y´all

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