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  • Ray Hananias prayer

    Travel Journal from Israel Kibbutz Lotan, Israel | Wed Nov 17, 2010

    Ray Hanania is an American-Palestinian comedian who is planning to run for President in the next Palestinian elections. http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=195606

    Daniel's Links for Peace and Social Justice

  • Service Learning at the Learning Community

    Travel Journal from India Pondicherry, India | Sat May 15, 2010

    It's taken me a while to pull this together, but I wanted to share this short video of Emilyn and Molly at their Service Learning projects at the Learning Community, a school that moves around within Auroville.  Fun!

    Daniel in Auroville, India - Spring 2010

  • what may be my last blog about lotan

    Travel Journal from Israel Israel | Wed Dec 02, 2009

    So I would imagine that the reason people would read blogs from the people on this program is to try and learn a little more about the program that is not said on the website. Because of this, I have decided to dedicate this blog to that person. First of all, whether you will have a good time or not on this program depends on the people that …

    Israel Fall 2009

  • Its a Dogs World

    Travel Journal from Israel Kibbutz Lotan, Israel | Mon Nov 30, 2009

    There is something special here on Kibbutz Lotan. Each and every person has a very distinct, strong personality. The way they hold their own shows that this form of communal living has not undermined their individuality. Each person brings something special to the community and the dynamics would not be the same with out one of these people. The same can be said about the Kibbutz dogs. There are groups …

    Life Journey at Kibbutz Lotan

  • Finding Inspiration

    Travel Journal from Israel Kibbutz Lotan, Israel | Wed Nov 25, 2009

    It’s getting to be the end of the semester and we are all staring to feel it. We haven’t escaped from the pile of homework that generally starts growing around this time of the year. The difference: this homework is empowering. I’ve realized that I do understand what we have been learning this semester. I may be a bit fuzzy on some of the technical aspects, but the main ideas …

    Living Routes: ISRAEL

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