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  • Almost halfway through the semester.

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Thu Mar 11, 2010

    Well, today we spent the day in a shared program with Pondicherry University, hearing presentations from students in their Sustainable Development Masters Program, giving our own, and creating dialogue between our two programs. It was quite fascinating. I think it was a great opportunity for our students to get to interface with Indian students looking at environmental issues from the perspective of a fairly traditional university. Afterwards we went to …

    Auroville Spring 2010

  • wow, breathe it in...

    Travel Journal from India India | Sat Feb 20, 2010

    Wow, there is quite a bit to say since I last posted a blog entry. Everyone in our Living Routes group is great, the faculty, the students, the guest speakers and so many other special people. It has been quite a while since I arrived here in India and so much has changed in me that it would be very hard to express here. To mention some of the things …

    This dream as memories

  • catching my breath

    Travel Journal from India India | Tue Jan 05, 2010

    Wow, what a whirlwind everything has been so far. I have been working hard, getting up early and learning so much this past week that it seems pretty surreal. I know I have been great about keeping people posted about life here... I'm obviously a natural blogger. The community here in Sadhana Forest is amazing, there are people from all over the world truly dedicated to living a simple and …

    catching my breath

  • Parting with Sadhana and Hope for Home

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Fri Jan 15, 2010

    Today seems more special than I thought it would, not only because it is Pongol time. After entering this program with little expectation and having an experience that I never could have imagined, it is the end. I will be leaving tomorrow to spend a little time in Mamallpuram before traveling back home to the cold and another semester of university life. Today is a beautiful day to be reflecting …

    India 2010

  • Sadhana Day 21: Cycling, Eclipse, and Swimming

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Fri Jan 15, 2010

    Hello blog. Today was a great day. Our write-ups for the projects were due today, so we had to cycle for power for our laptops after first work (during which I spruced up the main hut). This was the second time we've cycled during my stay here in Sadhana and my first time personally cycling. It was a great team building experience as we all routed each other …


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