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Auroville, India

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  • The circle is open, but never broken...

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Wed May 04, 2011

    Being a tourist can be transformative. Living, being, sharing experiences with those whom you are "touisting" creates a situation beyond transformation. So many in our group have captivated this gleaning the benefits, which they will take home, and integrate into their own lives. Our last week here together in Auroville, was full! We shared our learnings via a tree metaphore, the roots (sources of activities and influences), the trunk (beliefs, …

    India, Spring 2011

  • The Search of the Unknown

    Travel Journal from India Pondicherry, India | Tue May 03, 2011

    It is all about what one makes of their opportunities.  From stepping off the plane to traveling and living in the 'city of human unity,' we all have grown and blossomed into the fruit of insight.   It’s hard to convey what we have learned but man did we have a good time!  A journey of silly games, living in tranquility, back flipping into a well to cool off after a …

    In Search of the Unknown

  • FOOD!

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Mon May 02, 2011

    Food. Everyone eats it. eVeryone needs it. So how does it work here in Auroville? That's what my research group focused on throughout our semester. We got to visit a handful of Auroville's farms, the foundation of the local food supply. There's Anapurna farm, where an expansive 130 acres supply 2% of Auroville's grain. Solitude, Buddha Garden, Windarra and Siddhartha, and the new Brihaspati and Ayyarpady farms, which produce somewhere …


  • Life So Far

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Mon May 02, 2011

    I've been in India for over a month now, and thought it about time to check in back home (if yours is changed and inspiring you I'd love to hear about it!). I've been living in Auroville, a strange place of social and environmental experimentation, where you can get lost in accents from Southern India, Europe, the Middle East, occasionally America and any other place you can think of. Auroville …

    Life So Far

  • Pre-semester thoughts

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Mon May 02, 2011

    I'm standing in my parents driveway, a foot deep in snow with a mango in my hand and the juices running down my face and wrist. There's something inherently wrong with this. Mangos don't grow here in Massachusetts, especially not during winter. In two days, I'm flying to where they do grow, where I can eat their tropical flesh and not feel that pang of cognitive dissonance of eating cross-globally. …