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  • Equality Discussion

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Sun Jan 09, 2011

    "Sometimes in life all things are not equal, so what does it mean to have justice when there is no equality? A parent can be just towards a child, even though they’re not equal. I think this is often misunderstood in the West, where people feel that there can be no justice unless everything is the same." -bell hooks A child and a parent are not equal because they have different …

    Sadhana Forest India!

  • The western economy

    Travel Journal from Afghanistan Afghanistan | Tue Jan 04, 2011

      Our discussion on the economy was a very heavy subject and was difficult to follow but gave me a desire to look more into the problems and the positives of our western model.  We watched a clip by Ha-Joon Change the author of 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism.  He believes that there is no free market and that they are controlled by trade sanctions and regulations.  I'm …


  • Special fings.

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Mon Jan 03, 2011

    FRIIIEEEEEENNNNNDDDDDSSSSS! Hey He-aay :)  I was hoping to buy all my xmas gifties here. For this year and next year... all my cousins and nephews and such. We'll see. We've gone into Auroville once so far for a workshop. This workshop (dadada-da!) is called Peas vs Pills, and it was about how we can adjust our diet to cure our health issues. The vegan diet is based on whole, plant-based foods, with …

    India! What's up!

  • The Way of Sadhana

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Tue Jan 04, 2011

    Being in Sadhana has caused another shift in my thoughts and ideas. I began to requestion myself in terms of what is important to me and what I am doing with my life. I've known for a while now that I feel passionate about some of the ideals shared in Sadhana. Restoring nature; reconnecting with the earth, ourselves, and each other; and re-educating ourselves for example. I realized how difficult …

    The Way of Sadhana

  • Equality

    Travel Journal from India Pondicherry, India | Sun Jan 02, 2011

    I find it intriguing that the human moral compass has the notion of equality built into it. Now what does equality mean in human context? It is likely that that it would mean different things to different people in different parts of the world. However, the most common ideas we associate the term equality is with words like justice, education, work, access to good health care, citizens rights, access to …

    Living Routes

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