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Scotland 2011 Spring
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  • Drums, leeks and sounds.

    Travel Journal from Scotland Findhorn, Scotland | Sun Mar 13, 2011

        The rain and snow and sleet have come. It makes Findhorn feel like a different place, after one month of clear skies to the stars and sun. A cozier time, inside with blankets and books to read for classes. I had been struggling with schoolwork for a little while.. because our days are so full that I wanted to utilize any free time as self time. But this weekend …

    Drums, leeks and sounds.

  • My, oh my what a month this has been!

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica Monteverde, Costa Rica | Thu Mar 10, 2011

    Exactly 30 days ago I was eagerly anticipating my morning departure to Findhorn, my stomach bubbling with nerves and excitement.  This evening, I find myself not in Scotland, but Costa Rica, due to an unforeseen turn of events that only until recently have I been able to wrap my mind around.  It’s easy to mull over the dear friends I could have made, the activities I may have partaken in, …

    from bagpipes to bananas

  • The Beginning

    Travel Journal from Scotland Findhorn, Scotland | Sun Feb 27, 2011

    Today marks my two-week anniversary with Findhorn and I’ve never been so in love. For me, coming to Findhorn felt like I was coming home. I have never physically been here but it definitely feels as though a part of me was already here and we were instantly reunited as soon as I landed in the UK. It’s been an overwhelming two weeks mixed with all different emotions, from the …

    Findhorn Magic

  • A Journal of a Journey to Joy

    Travel Journal from United States United States | Tue Feb 08, 2011

    I am here under a cloudy sky  with a warm sun underneath my heart. I scurry to give my regards to everyone I know and to do everything that I have wanted to do...almost like I am about to die. I am about to die! I am ready to leave who I was behind and find who I really am. I know that this experience will change who I am exteriorly but that's not …

    Introductory poem

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