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  • Experience

    Travel Journal from Peru Lamas, Peru | Sat Jan 08, 2011

    A few hours ago we returned to Sachamama from the indigenous community of Shukshuyaku. Once again I find myself flooded with a feeling of immense gratitude for being able to come back to such an incredible place. We spent three days in the community without the use of electricity or running water.  During this time we learned how to make chicha, weave chumbes, make traditional ceramic bowls and tend to …

    Peru 2011

  • First Immersion in Peru - Solo

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Fri Dec 31, 2010

    Heading to Solo Monday morning I woke up to the roosters crowing (like every other morning) and got prepared for the day. I say prepared because getting ready isn’t really a good description since all I ever really do is wake up, brush my teeth, and wash my face for the day. Looking pretty or cute isn’t a factor here, which is something we learned even more about when heading to …

    My Peruvian Adventure

  • Loving it in Peru

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Tue Jan 11, 2011

    Before coming to Lamas I really had no idea what to expect. While the syllabus and handbook can give you an idea of what the program will entail, it is difficult to imagine what being in the the high Amazon studying ecology, sustainability, and spirituality will like. It was not even until I had spent a few days in the program that it all began to feel real. The beauty …

    Peru Winter 2011

  • Beautiful cannot even begin to describe this place, these people or the experiences I am having!

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Sun Jan 09, 2011

    I have been in Peru for around two weeks now and i cannot really imagine not being here or knowing these amazing people. Where we are staying is absolutely gorgeous. The first day before I arrived, people saw a double rainbow!  On top of that beautiful flowers are growing everywhere and the dogs here are adorable, though they make me miss my poodle.  The fruits here are crazy amazing! There are …

    Peru 2011 Winter

  • Gasp! Halfway!

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Fri Jan 07, 2011

    I can't believe I'm already halfway done here. It's hard to fathom that I started out sleeping over in the airport and being delayed 24 hours and getting here a day and a half late. So far the experience has been everything I've expected and more. Sachamama is absolutely beautiful and I feel so comfortable here, I never really feel the need for the ammenities I've left at home. Frederique and …

    Peru 2011

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