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  • Immersion in Solo

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Fri Jan 07, 2011

    I have made it back from Solo safe and sound, and the experience was really beyond words. I find myself at a loss for putting everything into an entry, so I have decided to just choose a few aspects of the trip that really stuck out to me and explain from there.  The Children When we pulled up to the village, everyone was there waiting for our arrival. The children bombarded us …

    Experience of a lifetime...

  • Middle of the Road

    Travel Journal from Peru Rural Areas, Peru | Thu Jan 06, 2011

    So here I am, exactly at the midpoint of the LivingRoutes Peru program at Centro Sachamama. Arriving here was like entering paradise, and nothing has changed that opinion. So much has happened here it is difficult to try and capture it in a blog...its almost unfair to attempt to do so. Every day here is like a week- in the best way possible of course. We wake up with the …

    Middle of the Road

  • 4th Entry: Feliez Año Nuevo

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Sun Jan 02, 2011

    I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the first week of this journey has been! Peru is a beautiful place. When I woke up on my first Peruvian morning, I was greeted by the most magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and the lush green blanket that covers the Earth. I was taken aback by the beauty that sang “¡Buenos Días!” The Center Sachamama (forest) …

    A New Winter-Wonderland: Peru 2011 Winter

  • Lamas at last

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Tue Dec 28, 2010

    My trip has begun with good fortune; my flight from Cincinnati to Atlanta was upgraded to first class and I received a voucher for another flight! Feeling very excited about using that voucher when I get home in March I am surrounded by beauty from the landscape to the buildings and the people I am sharing this experience with. I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone and building …

    Wahoo, Peru!

  • Before-trip anticipation

    Travel Journal from Afghanistan Afghanistan | Tue Dec 28, 2010

    I'm so excited to be leaving soon! I hope I have everything I need. Even if I don't, I'm sure people there will be willing to share their stuff. So far everyone seems really nice over emails and stuff. I can't wait! Oh man. This season has been so hectic preparing, but I'm so sure it'll be worth it. I wonder what it'll be like there. I anticipate some beautiful vistas …

    This one time, I went to Peru