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  • Interview in San Luis Abajo

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica Rural Areas, Costa Rica | Thu Apr 28, 2011

    I walked a good forty-five minutes down the dusty, unpaved road to San Luis Abajo: past the school painted with rainforest mural, past the church behind iron fence, and past those huge-eared Brahman cows by the municipal water installation.  I finally got to the house of Don Guillermo*, where we had an interview scheduled for the morning.  As I walked up the street, the kids--5 or 6 ranging in ages …

    Costa Rica Spring 2011

  • Closing Reflection

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica Monteverde, Costa Rica | Wed Apr 27, 2011

    It has been a wild adventure in Costa Rica and now it's time to move on to the next experience. I have had an incredible time with the people I have met and the places I have seen. I want to remember everything exactly and I'm not sure how I can do that. I've kept a journal during this time that I will enjoy reading back on. I remember being …

    Monteverde, Costa Rica Adventure!

  • Hog Wash at the Cheese Factory

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica Monteverde, Costa Rica | Wed Apr 27, 2011

    Finding a topic for my Social Justice research project was exceedingly difficult. A goal for myself this semester that originated from my time at Findhorn has been to find project topics that will impact the community positively in one dimension or another. At Findhorn I held a women’s circle for my group and faculty. For my Tropical Ecology course I continued to collect data on Euglossini bee diversity in San …

    Hog Wash at the Cheese Factory

  • Catarata y Gallo

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica Monteverde, Costa Rica | Tue Apr 26, 2011

    A weekend in San Luis varies greatly. You can hang out with fellow Living Routers who mostly live 20 minutes away, you can hole in and do work, you can go adventuring in the nearby woods, or you can bond with the family. One of my favorite weekends involved most of these. After a long week of various assignments, I was finally going to have a restful weekend. We decided, as …

    Catarata y Gallo

  • Musica y labora

    Travel Journal from Afghanistan Afghanistan | Sat Feb 19, 2011

    Two Thursdays ago, our group helped DP on his farm for the second time.  We were scheduled to meet at 7:00am.  I showed up a little early, and walked solo to the house DP and V.  "Upe!" I yelled to announce my presense.  V came to the door, we exchanged greetings, and I tried to explain in Spanish, "I am here with Ernestos group again, we …

    Musica y labora