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  • Back in America

    Travel Journal from United States Wisconsin, United States | Tue Dec 21, 2010

    Vanakkam! Well, here I am in Madison, Wisconsin. It's 8:49am, i've been awake since 5:30. It's freezing and beautifully white outside, and i'm sitting in front of a window observing it all, taking it all in, itching my still incredibly rashy butt (thank you India) and not knowing actually what to do with myself! I miss my group, my friends who turned into family, my "professors" Jivan and Bindu. I …


  • Community Stay

    Travel Journal from India India | Fri Dec 10, 2010

    The community stay: AH! Do I have to choose a most favorite part of the program? If I did, I wouldn’t know how to choose between the internship and the community stay. Fortunately, I did a good job choosing a community to live in, unlike the poor Sadhana Forest refugees. Evergreen, where I lived, is an Auroville community located in the southwest part of the greenbelt (a green BELT of …


  • Tiruvannamalai

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Mon Oct 25, 2010

    Two weeks ago we took a trip to a place called Tiruvannamalei (or Tiru, for short.) It’s very flat around here, but in Tiru a mountain randomly pops up, called Arunachala. It’s said to be the actual body of the god Shiva, so it is very spiritually significant. Many people make the pilgrimage to go to the mountain. We stayed at an ashram, called the Sri Ramanasaram. Sri Ramana …


  • Thiruvannamalai Arunachula (#9)

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Sat Oct 16, 2010

    This weekend we went on our first trip. We went to Thiruvannamalai to see Mt. Arunachula which is supposedly the God, Shiva. The story goes that Shiva's sons were fighting over who was the mightier God and Shiva said whoever could find where his infinity started or ended was the stronger God. Neither of them could do it and they told Shiva he was the strongest God but that humans …


  • day four

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Thu Sep 16, 2010

    So I am coming to the end of our fourth day in Auroville, as I am typing all my new friends have dissapated and gone of to bed. As we've had quite a busy week so far. This week has been mainly orientation, but I have already learned and been inspired by so much. First off, the cuisine has been absolutely phenomenal and we have been eating lots of amazing …

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