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  • Home sweet home?

    Travel Journal from United States Massachusetts, United States | Tue Feb 01, 2011

    On the first night I wondered back to my room to grab my harmonica with another girl in the program. I sat outside her room waiting for her and playing a little bit, note that I have minimal experience. Suddenly a woman and her child came and sat in front of me. Then another child, a man, an elder, another young man and more children came and sat in front …

    Peruvian Adventures

  • post program

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Wed Jan 26, 2011

    So I'm back in the snow and cold, dreaming of hammocks and banana trees. The first day of classes was a snow day already! It's strange to sit behind desks in classrooms again with blank walls and unenthusiastic classmates who are just in class to fulfill a general education requirement. I miss my classroom under the shade of a tambo, with open-ended discussion and a constant exchange of ideas and …

    Peru 2011 Winter

  • a truly gorgeous moment

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Fri Jan 21, 2011

    It’s been a few days since we’ve all left Centro Sachamama and made each of our individual ways home.  Navigating many airports, sub-freezing temperatures, canceled flights, lost baggage, all tested mightily my sense of deep wellbeing as the course wrapped up.  Still, the resonance from the three weeks we spent together persisted, carrying me through the travels, and remains now, close at hand… On the final day, the entire group gathered …

    Ecology, Community and Indigenous Spirituality

  • El Fin

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Sun Jan 23, 2011

    Back in Vermont .. today it's 0 degrees F, but "feels like -17" and it's supposed to be -20 tonight. There's a foot and a half of snow on the ground ... so it's kind of a shock to be back in this all of a sudden, coming from 95 degrees, sunshine, and growing, living, green everything. It's a shock that the trip is over. The experience, for me, is …


  • Home

    Travel Journal from Peru Rural Areas, Peru | Fri Jan 21, 2011

    I’m home. I’ve spent the past few days unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking, as I get ready to go back to school. Looking at the snow banks outside my window, it’s hard to believe that I was in Peru earlier this week, eating passion fruit fresh off the tree, and I have definitely experienced a bit of culture shock. The more I think about and reflect on my trip, the …

    Peru 2011 Winter