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Follow the Rainbow to Findhorn


Students in India recently climbed Arunachula Mountain, considered to be the very body of Shiva!



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  • Finally Home

    Travel Journal from United States United States | Wed Jan 19, 2011

    Well it took 13 hours waiting in the Lima airport, a 7 hour flight, and a 4 hour drive through snow and ice but I finally made it back home. It feels amazing to be back with my family and friends but it’s hard not to compare my lifestyle to those of which I experienced while living in Peru. While I was packing up all my things to go back …

    Finally Home

  • Pre-departure sentiments

    Travel Journal from United States Wisconsin, United States | Fri Jan 21, 2011

    After talking, sharing, thinking, writing, worrying, and dreaming about Auroville, it is on the horizon at last, and so close I can practically FEEL it. Although still sitting in my home of Shorewood, Wisconsin, I already feel a sense of community with my future Aurovillians. This notion of community and a shared interest, which has always been imperative in my life, is one of the characteristics which drew …

    Auroville, India

  • A few dwindling hours

    Travel Journal from United States Massachusetts, United States | Thu Jan 20, 2011

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000176 EndHTML:0000004868 StartFragment:0000002361 EndFragment:0000004832 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/Julie/Desktop/india/first%20blog.doc As I sit in my favorite local coffee shop one last time before our journey begins I gaze out on my little New England town covered in snow, and try to image how different my life will be in just a few short days. It has finally become too dangerous to ride my …

    Sustainability in Auroville

  • Pre-semester entry to my journey to India

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Thu Jan 20, 2011

    Hey everyone! My name is Sammy Wolf, I am currently a junior at the University if Vermont studying Community and International Development. I spent the first half of my winter break nannying for a family throughout Brussels and Israel, and the second half mindlessly walking around and going out in the city and being what my mom calls a “lox” on the couch. I am so amped for this new …

    Before I leave for India...

  • From the Hammock

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Fri Jan 14, 2011

    From the hammock: I am a feast for insects! Aside from that, I've been lucky enough to take part in several very historic happenings here in Lamas concerning the indigenous population's representation in the local and regional governments. The footage I have shot on my video camera is absolutely stunning! Peru is amazing, and there are many places still yet to explore. I've stayed …


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