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Follow the Rainbow to Findhorn


Students in India recently climbed Arunachula Mountain, considered to be the very body of Shiva!



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  • Back from Solo

    Travel Journal from Peru Tarapoto, Peru | Wed Jan 12, 2011

    Hello Everyone,I've just got back from my second home stay, this time in the village of Solo. I think everyone connected more to the community of their first stay. Solo was different because we had already had a really intense community immersion experience, and they were also much more used to outsiders. I think instead of focusing primarily on connecting to the indigenous community there, this time we learned more …

    Peru Winter 2011

  • Peru now

    Travel Journal from Peru Lamas, Peru | Tue Jan 11, 2011

                    My experience here from the first moment has been has been variations of overwhelming.  After the horrifically rotten air ports entering the bubble of Case Sangapea came as a wave of dream like sensations. To stumble down the slope in the dappled shade from the trees all around and having just dropped my bags on my bed, a delicious lunch is served in a familiar potluck style. A fast …

    Peru: soon, now, then.

  • Experience

    Travel Journal from Peru Lamas, Peru | Sat Jan 08, 2011

    A few hours ago we returned to Sachamama from the indigenous community of Shukshuyaku. Once again I find myself flooded with a feeling of immense gratitude for being able to come back to such an incredible place. We spent three days in the community without the use of electricity or running water.  During this time we learned how to make chicha, weave chumbes, make traditional ceramic bowls and tend to …

    Peru 2011

  • Choice and decision

    Travel Journal from India Auroville, India | Mon Jan 10, 2011

    The other day we had an interesting discussion about choices and decision making, which come after a tricky situation which we are put in position to choose on both the available choices and on whom the decision making role lies. It became profound when reflecting on the experience that we just pass through with the discussion follow just right up. In the complex society we are now in, we often find …

    2011 Winter - India

  • Loving it in Peru

    Travel Journal from Peru Peru | Tue Jan 11, 2011

    Before coming to Lamas I really had no idea what to expect. While the syllabus and handbook can give you an idea of what the program will entail, it is difficult to imagine what being in the the high Amazon studying ecology, sustainability, and spirituality will like. It was not even until I had spent a few days in the program that it all began to feel real. The beauty …

    Peru Winter 2011

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