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  • 54 years old
  • From Hawaii, United States
  • Currently in Auroville, India

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Now that I have settled in at Youth Camp in Auroville...reflecting

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    Tamara Shambavi Demming wrote: Wed Sep 8, 2010
    OM...All there was, All there is, All there will be. All is part of All. In our minds, we can say good, or bad..but is it really good or bad? It is just part of All. And All is always in balance, even we don't comprehend, with our minds. But All does not need us to understand. It is just a mind thing that feels and judges. We are all part of All and all we do for the good is good. So keep on doing good!
    Everything was already there, computers, planes, phones, it was already, all the elements were there to manifest these things. All has a "plan" to balance. Have faith, the earth has changed already many times and is ever changing. Nothing stays the same.
    Just take responsability to do good and to give the message. Out of LOVE for ALL.
    With LOVE, om Shanti

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