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  • Equality

    India 2011 Winter

    by: India 2011 Winter

    created on: Jan 02, 2011 | Pondicherry, India

    I find it intriguing that the human moral compass has the notion of equality built into it. Now what does equality mean in human context? It is likely that that it would mean different things to different people in different parts of the world. However, the most common ideas we associate the term equality is with words like justice, education, work, access to good health care, citizens rights, access to …

  • Adventure to Peru

    journal photo

    by: JMoson

    created on: Jan 01, 2011 | Peru

    Trekking to Peru was very interesting because we left during a huge storm in New York. Before leaving we knew the storm was coming but we drove to New York early enough so the snow didn't start until we got there. We waited and waited to see if our flight would be cancelled like so many other were but when the time came around to go it was still on. …

  • The Beginning


    by: Dnmartin

    created on: Dec 30, 2010 | Tarapoto, Peru

    The beginning of this journey was interesting to say the least. I arrived to Tarapoto with an awe at how beautiful Peru actually is. I couldn't believe it until I got off the plan and felt the warm breeze and sun on my back. My nausea from the plane ride subsided. I suddenly felt excited and grateful for being on this trip. We arrived to Sachemama and met Frederique and …

  • Getting to India


    by: cmoles

    created on: Dec 30, 2010 | India

    My third trip on an airplane, leaving my family on Christmas eve, travelling half way around the world to a magical forest. I have been waiting for this! In reflecting on ecovillages, my understanding is that they are communities that seek to live a healthy and sustainable existance for the earth and the individuals in the community. Efforts should not focus solely on minimizing 'impact' but to foster a living, …

  • Equality


    by: ArianaArroyo

    created on: Dec 30, 2010 | Auroville, India

    We are taught from an early age that the way this world works is survival of the fittest. If you want to succeed, you need to be the best, the strongest, push anyone and anything out of your way to get to the top. While Darwin's theory is correct, so is the fact that all forms of life are intimately interconnected in a co-existent web of life. If human beings …

  • Going to India


    by: ArianaArroyo

    created on: Dec 30, 2010 | Auroville, India

    These last few months have blurred right passed me. Nothing's been in focus, nothing solid. I've had a mixture of nerves, excitement, anxiety, calmness, happiness, sadness, feeling very awake, or feeling like a zombie. I know this trip to India will change me forever, as does every new experience in life. I have never traveled on my own, especially somewhere as far as this. I feel everything but fear. I …

  • Discussion on Inequality


    by: mailinplagge

    created on: Dec 29, 2010 | Auroville, India

    Our first class session was yesterday, in which we discussed inequality. The information on classified inequality in regards to economic inequality, which, as we discussed, is the root problem for other inequalities these days. The economy is of paramount importance to the US’s and other governments; thus, it is what people like to think of as the defining factor of equality. And while it’s obvious that equality should not …

  • Reflections on Equality


    by: kara_horwitz

    created on: Dec 29, 2010 | Auroville, India

    Equality surely must have an effect on the quality and well-being of life. If people are treated more equally, the more stable relationships can become which in turn can impact a number of things. Of course we are all different, and to be recognized and appreciated for our differences is a positive things. Yet, we still are all just who we are, people. We should be accepted for this because …

  • Equality


    by: JustinHanson

    created on: Dec 29, 2010 | Auroville, India

    Hi fam and friends... this is also where I will write a couple journals for the living routes program. I will update you all soon mm... social, environmental, justice, income, physical, mental, spiritual.  What exactly is inequality, or for that matter, equality? If we can never escape it, does it really exist? Is it simply just what is? We are all carbon based organisms which contain the same natural elements. We are …

  • Day One.


    by: erickak

    created on: Dec 28, 2010 | Chennai, India

     We had a first day of 'class'. it's so great to be around like minded people. we discussed equality and how it relates to happiness. Equality relating to income. I have heard a few stories recently of NPR that agree with what I heard today. After a certain point money doesn't make us happier and that stratified cultures with large gaps in equality suffer from many problems such as greater …

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