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  • MARCH? Madness!


    by: ecmomoak

    created on: Mar 14, 2011 | Auroville, India

    It’s been just over a month and a half and how the time has flown. Sitting at La Terrace feels like an everyday occurrence, but I still remember my first latte here like it was yesterday—B (our Aurovillian tour guide, and just a wonderful guy) trying to herd us to go see the solar collector for Solar Kitchen, and us sneaking into line for our first coffee in two weeks.  …

  • My, oh my what a month this has been!

    journal photo

    by: melginther

    created on: Mar 10, 2011 | Monteverde, Costa Rica

    Exactly 30 days ago I was eagerly anticipating my morning departure to Findhorn, my stomach bubbling with nerves and excitement.  This evening, I find myself not in Scotland, but Costa Rica, due to an unforeseen turn of events that only until recently have I been able to wrap my mind around.  It’s easy to mull over the dear friends I could have made, the activities I may have partaken in, …

  • Playa Naranjo and Parque Nacional de Santa Rosa


    by: maggiethomsen

    created on: Mar 09, 2011 | Santa Rosa, Costa Rica

    Last friday, early morning, we woke up at 5am to start our journey down in altitude to the dry forest.  The weather in Monteverde  around this time of year is a wonderful mix of cold mornings and sunny afternoons, so the first big shocker of this excursion from our safehaven of Monteverde and San Luis was definitely the climate.  Later that day, we arrive in the dry forest that is …

  • What a place


    by: sschein

    created on: Mar 09, 2011 | Costa Rica

    At the very beginning of my stay in San Luis my host father took me along with my two little siblings, Kevin and Daniela, to pick green beans behind our house.  He showed me the various vegetables growing in their backyard, including lettuce, tomato, zucchini, cilantro, carrot and onion.  I went on to express that my garden at home was a little square box and all the vegetables produced in …

  • Chillin' in Nicaragua


    by: MelissaWinchell

    created on: Mar 09, 2011 | Granada, Nicaragua

    What an adventure! We began our "spring break" with a gorgeous camping trip right on the beach of Santa Rosa National Park. The beach was pristine and practically empty due to the horrendously bumping, hour long, commute down. Here we were able to experience the harsh climate of the lowland rainforest and, luckily, were given various opportunities to swim in the Pacific Ocean. It was absolutely gorgeous! After a great 2 …

  • Costa Rica


    by: emmajulius

    created on: Mar 09, 2011 | Monteverde, Costa Rica

    We have been in Costa Rica for about a month now, and just returned from our trip to Nicaragua about an hour ago. Our visit to Nicaragua was extremely interesting to me, because I got to see the differences we have discussed in class between the two neighboring countries in live action. I really enjoyed our day wandering around Granada and got the opportunity to consume many things local things, …

  • How to Handle Sickness in India

    journal photo

    by: ari716

    created on: Mar 07, 2011 | Auroville, India

    It's the middle of the night in India, which unlike the middle of the night in Burlington, VT or Rochester, MA (the two places I most call home), is bustling with unkown and blood-chilling noises. That giant thump outside the window is most definitely a cobra, I decide. The rustling in the teak roof is a (herd? pack? school?) of bandicoots, giant rat-like creatures who want to nibble first on …

  • there's food


    by: IshyFishy1

    created on: Mar 01, 2011 | Auroville, India

    So today is 1 March, I've been in Auroville since 23 January. Putting the number before the month is cool, it's like you are counting how many “March” there is rather than the day being anything special. Its around 90 degrees today but I'm nice and cool here at La Terrace cafe where people come in an endless mellow stream desiring sweets and deliciousness. Humanity is the most peculiar thing …

  • The Beginning

    journal photo

    by: jfaith

    created on: Feb 27, 2011 | Findhorn, Scotland

    Today marks my two-week anniversary with Findhorn and I’ve never been so in love. For me, coming to Findhorn felt like I was coming home. I have never physically been here but it definitely feels as though a part of me was already here and we were instantly reunited as soon as I landed in the UK. It’s been an overwhelming two weeks mixed with all different emotions, from the …

  • India, Spring 2011


    by: andreav

    created on: Feb 27, 2011 | Auroville, India

    Pre- Trip, India. November,  2010 I can't honestly say why it is that I am called time and time again to travel to India. I often tell myself that its because of what my home in the states is not. Often easier trying to define something by what it isn't. But its true. And as I prepare for my next journey again to the land of devotion,  and big hearted people, I …

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