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  • FIrst five weeks...


    by: andreav

    created on: Feb 27, 2011 | Auroville, India

    From the lazy Sunday venue, looking over fields with Tibetan singing accross the way, and songs from the Hindu temples in the towns in the distance, I pen this account of just last week when we ventured on our first trip outside Auoville, to one of the holiest cities in India. Eighteen students, three faculty, and three staff..four weeks into our journey together in Auroville, we leave the quite and ease …

  • Tiruvannamalai


    by: viehmannkl

    created on: Feb 21, 2011 | India

    In Hinduism, there are three main gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.  Brahma is the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer (thus is the dance of birth, life, and death).  One day Brahma and Vishnu were quarreling, and Brahma said: "Clearly I am more powerful.  Without me, nothing would have ever been created." Vishnu replied with "No, without me, nothing would continue to exist. I am the more powerful one." Shiva, overhearing …

  • Like a Snake in a Bamboo Tube


    by: persephone_rivka

    created on: Nov 24, 2010 | Jerusalem, Israel

    These past three weekends, I have had to remember to "come home" to myself.  When I felt overwhelmed, stifled, awkward, or uncomfortable, I remembered who I was, where I'm from, where I'm going, and though some people maybe never understand any of it, there exists -- someplace -- a community of like-minded individuals who do.I'm looking at the bookmark that debi made for each one of us roots, a piece …

  • Sustainable Development and Social Justice


    by: FranLindau

    created on: Feb 14, 2011 | Monteverde, Costa Rica

    During the last couple of weeks in class, we have all been trying to craft a workable definition of both sustainable development and social justice. These ideas might seem obvious or intuitive, but actually figuring out what they would need to look like in action, or how to quantify them in any meaningful way has proven difficult. It can be easy to get caught in particular social, political or economic paradigms …

  • A Journal of a Journey to Joy

    journal photo

    by: Corwin

    created on: Feb 08, 2011 | United States

    I am here under a cloudy sky  with a warm sun underneath my heart. I scurry to give my regards to everyone I know and to do everything that I have wanted to do...almost like I am about to die. I am about to die! I am ready to leave who I was behind and find who I really am. I know that this experience will change who I am exteriorly but that's not …

  • Anticipating our first students


    by: FranLindau

    created on: Jan 24, 2011 | Monteverde, Costa Rica

    All of us at the Monteverde Institute are so excited to be collaborating with Living Routes. We have worked very hard in the past few months to put this program together and the students are finally here! They all arrived safely in San Jose yesterday and were greeted by Ernesto and Patricia. Both are instructors in the program and are absolutely passionate about the history, ecology and potential of Costa Rica. …

  • Homestay Mirror

    journal photo

    by: MelissaWinchell

    created on: Feb 06, 2011 | Monteverde, Costa Rica

    Arriving in Costa Rica felt extremely surreal. After a whirlwind of a winterbreak with massive snow storms and heartbreaking goodbyes, I was off to a small, rural part of the Monte Verde district. This is my first time going on a plane by myself, having a homestay experience, and did I mention, I don't speak a lick of Spanish? Due to this, my thought pattern was fairly cynical and cyclical …

  • Day 14: Group Intelligence


    by: bindumohanty

    created on: Feb 05, 2011 | India

    Does group intelligence work? Undoubtedly, I'd say. This morning over breakfast while checking on students' interests about their Service Learning Projects, a few of us got really excited about this medicinal plant  project that we are calling "A pharmacy in your backyard." What's exciting is that while we each get to work on something that we are passionate about, together we have the potential of making a significant contribution to …

  • Home sweet home?


    by: Battismelli

    created on: Feb 01, 2011 | Massachusetts, United States

    On the first night I wondered back to my room to grab my harmonica with another girl in the program. I sat outside her room waiting for her and playing a little bit, note that I have minimal experience. Suddenly a woman and her child came and sat in front of me. Then another child, a man, an elder, another young man and more children came and sat in front …

  • lol


    by: melissahearns

    created on: Jan 25, 2011 | Tarapoto, Peru


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