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Auroville: A journey down South

After a relaxing family vaca through the Golden Triangle and down in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Katrina begins her spring semester at the international community of Auroville.

First Assignment: Expectations

India Chennai, India  |  Jan 17, 2010
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Well, the program starts tomorrow and I am a bit nervous.  Since I have been in India for quite some time I hope that I will not be burned out...  I have briefly visited Auroville and I was a bit shocked at the calmness of the area.  After you get over the initial shock of the drive from puducherry to the village outskirts, Auroville seems like a secret garden.  I can't wait for peace and quiet.  Then again, I am nervous that I might forget I am in India and become wrapped up in the international flair of the city.  I don't think I will because it is not hard to forget you are in India when there are honking rickshaws and multiple languages spoken all around you.  I look forward to meeting community members and finding out what their hobbies are in the village.  I hope to be a sponge and learn as my brain can hold.  I look forward to hikes, run in the green belt, mind, body, and soul lectures, and relaxing on the beach. I have heard much about the golden golf ball (as described by the lonely planet) and so I hope that I get a chance to experience the serenity of this massive prayer room. I am also glad to have a stable location for a while, but I hope that it will not make me antsy. Overall, I have high expectations for this semester in a working ecovillage and I think that they will all be met. 

I can't wait to eat auroville food (I have already had the peanut butter and it is amazing!!).The four organic farms that the village holds look like amazing places to learn some local knowledge about raising cows and growing spices and fruits.

 I am quite excited to meet everyone and hear their stories. 

Hopes:  To learn more about agricultural rituals here in Tamil Nadu, to find out the differences between south and north Hinduism, to learn how to deal with stress better- either through yoga practices or meditation, to find out why i decided to come to india...

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  • User Profile Photo
    Casey wrote: Thu Apr 29, 2010
    I miss you! hope you're enjoying Auroville. When do you come home?
  • User Profile Photo
    Casey wrote: Fri Mar 12, 2010
    Ahhh! I just looked at your profile pic: Colgate Outdoor ED represent! (in India!)
  • User Profile Photo
    Casey wrote: Fri Mar 12, 2010
    I miss you. When are you coming HOMMMMEEE?
    And thank you for the birthday surprise; I wear my scarf everywhere and think of you.
    Hope India is still super exciting. I'm feeling the need for some travel myself, these days. Talk to you... sometime?
  • User Profile Photo
    Eliza Kent wrote: Wed Feb 17, 2010
    Here's a shout out for you: Welcome to South India!! I hope you are loving Tamil Nadu (dosas, idlis and vadais, oh my!), and aren't too burned out on India in general. The contrast must be intense. I hope you find what you are looking for, or at least, if you don't find that, something equally gratifying. Stay healthy, Katrina! Take care. Eliza (aka Prof. Kent)