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Findhorn Spring 2011

Life at Findhorn

Bringing it Home

Scotland Findhorn, Scotland  |  May 12, 2011
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 I know these presentations were just the beginning of realizing how much I have taken from this semester and it continue far beyond next week into the rest of our lives. 

As we sit in our final Living Curriculum Session listening to our focalizers Melissa and Andrea fill us in our final wrapping up details; what we need to do to clean up all the spaces, the schedules for the final days, and other small details to ensure that we are all prepared to leave in a week’s time, a feeling of anxiety fills me. It seems in the last few weeks things have sped up, and my life at Findhorn has intensified as it begins to dawn on me that I am about to leave it behind. Activities that I have taken for granted for most of the semester, i.e biking to the village in the glorious sunset that stretch on into the late night, taking walks around the blooming and blossoming Park, lounging on the grass outside the Community Center with friends, take on an even brighter quality, as I become aware that soon they will not be a part of my daily rhythm.

As things wind down we begin the process of figuring out all that I have learned this semester, which seems impossible!, as we had the opportunity to present in our classes and reflect on our experiences. First we presented in our Applied Sustainability class about how we each were going to bring the learning’s from this class to our hometown or college. It was inspiring to listen to each member of my group talk about tangible ways they were going to initiate change in various environments that they are connected to back in the States. Whether it was starting a permaculture garden at their house, selling their car and replacing it with a bik, proposing changes to make their summer camp more sustainable, or simply committing to join a CSA, I felt encouraged that at least there would be nine people returning to the US strongly committed to helping the earth heal. I know for myself, I am itching to return to my College, Kenyon, and be able to bring all that I have learned to help start the ball rolling in making my campus more sustainable.

The next class we presented in was Group Dynamics. We each had a half an hour to facilitate a discussion and exercise around something that had sparked our interest during the semester that we had chosen to go further with. Watching each person’s presentation, I realized how much I have learned from this class. I feel like I have a huge tool box of ways to facilitate groups, help personal relationships and further my own inner work that I can take with me to any situation. It was also really wonderful to be witness to each person’s presentation and see how confident he or she had become during the semester. I know I felt a lot more comfortable standing up in front of everyone than I would have in the beginning of the semester. 

Finally, this morning we had our sharing of our creative pathways for our Art class. I can’t even describe how amazing it was to see the talents of everyone all together in one morning and to be a part of that. I know the pride I felt in showing and talking about my process of spinning fleece, dying it with plants and creating a hat, was felt by my group when they each presented their projects they had worked on all semester. It was also inspiring to hear everyone go around and say how they were going to continue to take what they learned from this class into their lives beyond. Most of us, myself included, had experienced a deep transformation of the way we see creativity and our own artistic talents. I know this will stay with us all our lives.

These presentations and sharing’s were just the beginning of realizing how much I have taken from this semester and I am confident it will continue far beyond next week into the rest of our lives. 

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  • Bringing it Home

    May 12, 2011
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