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three roods farm!

  • Currently in Kibbutz Lotan, Israel

Dancing around the Sun

This journal will chronicle pieces of my thoughts and experiences over the next four months at Kibbutz Lotan.

Intro and some Extra

Israel Kibbutz Lotan, Israel  |  Aug 22, 2010
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 I see this upcoming semester to be one that will push me to do all that I dreamed of doing but never thought myself capable 

What are my hopes and desires for this upcoming semester?

I want my brain to be fresh and stirring, whirring with profound provocative thoughts instead of blocked, I’m writing to warm it up, put it on a slow cook until it boils and froths and I’m steaming droplets of knowledge. Wisdom. It comes from experience.  Have I experienced much?  At times I feel like I never learned the basics. It will come. Am I capable of building things? Engineering sustainable technologies? I  see this upcoming semester to be one that will push me to do all that I dreamed of doing but never thought possible.

I’m all earth and water, no fire.  A land creature, sensitive and a bit scared.  Slender and long, not graceful but tender.  I want to learn the Hebrew language so I can foist of this midwest accent, the heavy weight of my cultural baggage. American drag-gage. A plastic culture? At home I rarely feel a part - but as a young  diplomat I speak from the heart. I try my best to recover our national image, but it’s hard to cover-up America's popular visage.  

Concerning myself with political matters is exhausting; at times I want to get far away from it all. People don’t hate people. People are pawns manipulated by the global empire. Give me earth community.  I think of what the earth community would look like...

No border crossings.  A global currency and that currency would be peace. Villages that took care of each other and hosted travelers too.  It would look something like the alternate future universe - dare I say utopia - described by Marge Piercy in Woman on the Edge of Time.  Free children learning real skills. Arts and music. Farming. Living with the sun. Vibrant and healthy. Living off light. Special souls in a sacred place. 

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