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  • Currently in Kibbutz Lotan, Israel

Dancing around the Sun

This journal will chronicle pieces of my thoughts and experiences over the next four months at Kibbutz Lotan.

vibrations and illuminations

Israel Kibbutz Lotan, Israel  |  Oct 12, 2010
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 so it begins the sun dance 

It’s amazing how quickly the sky brightens, the pre-sunrise purple light. I’m wearing all white against a backdrop of browns and purples.  The cloud directly above the sun is turning an electric pink.  The Edom mountains of Jordan are deepening their lavender hue.  Two black birds fly over the ridge below me.  The first SUV of the morning roars down the highway.  Faint rays of light beam out from behind the mountains of Jordan, as if these rosy-red peaks are curtains to a special show - the sun dance.  My time in Israel has been inspired, chronicled by sunrise and sunset. Every photo, every poem.  I watched the sun set over the Mediterranean sea in Tel Aviv, and I was in awe as I watched it melt - like a giant balloon deflating - into the sea’s horizon.  At the sea, I had the distinct feeling - the remembrance - that I was tipping away from the sun. I had this image in my mind of the earth rolling, and as it turned a beam of light would hit the earth just west of me, like a wave, a ripple. And people, animals, plants, would wake up to this light in a musical round of morning yawns, a dance sequence of stretching arms.  Electric pink to bright orange.  So it begins the sun dance, the round bulb of light makes its first entrance, rising above (moving towards) the mountains of Jordan... It’s dancing for me, performing the same routine as it did for my neighbors to the East, just beyond the mountains. Inspired by Aldo Leopold 

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