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  • Currently in Auroville, India

the end of the beginning

papayas, pencils, people with potential.

expectations will always be exceeded if you dont have any.

India Auroville, India  |  May 01, 2011
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the experiences that i create in my head to be something that they are not, never end up the way I imagine them to be. Those experiences that I arrive at with arms wide open always surpass anything i can imagine. The beauty is in the continual experience of something new, so how could I formulate the experience in my mind from only old memories. By not comparing my future to my past allows room for more doors to open. 

expectations before arriving in auroville were many. i expected sustainability at its finest. things are always from a different perspective once immersed in the atmosphere. some aspects such as food self-sufficiency have fallen short, but the cultural appreciation and the constant flow of activity throughout auroville has made me ecstatic for everything new and jump into it with eyes wide open.

last night, heard mention of a music show at Bharat Nivas and went with no expectations no pre-assumptions to the direction it would head. blown away by the level of spiritual touch that was played. A turkish sufi musician sand and strummed traditional songs and read the poems of sufi masters including Rumi. so many esoteric analogies and love for the divine world. Turkish sufi music is beautiful. the next artist was a woman that was deeply devoted to the Baul ideologies. Parvati entered with silver bells on her ankles, the many folds of her dress enveloping her small frame. I couldn't tell if she is 20 or 50. such ancient yet childlike energy. In her right hand was a one string instrument, in her left a tabla drum. her voice opened up the heart of me and all the instruments together vibrated me alive as she twirled, stomping with her bells, her ankle length dreads spinning out like a galaxy being born. Humanity at its finest. best going away present I could expect from not expecting from Auroville, thank you integral community. 

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  • expectations will always be exceeded if you dont have any.

    May 01, 2011
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