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  • Currently in Auroville, India

"I'm ready to go to India!"

"I'm ready to go to India!" I said in the kitchen wearing my fully loaded external frame backpack with one and a half days to go before the flight. Feeling centered, strong, energetic and excited I sit to finish up some last minute homework and sewing projects. Luckily it doesn't seem like I'm the only one who's waited until the last couple of weeks to get going on readings and blogs...

Overview and Highlights

India Auroville, India  |  Apr 28, 2011
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It's time to wrap things up...

For those of you who are considering this program in the future- I loved every minute of this experience...but then again I am the "new age flower child" type and meditating on a mountain top is my kind of thing. This experience is what you make of it. I got everything I wanted out of this and more than I never could have predicted.

The highlights of this semester were:

Getting into permaculture farming at Solitude Farm

Drinking vegan cold coffee extremes at Kofi Bar

Volunteering at Heal the Soil in Kottakorai with Snehal and Ilumalai, building permaculture gardens for villagers so they could have access to fresh, organic fruits, veg and medicinal plants,

Connecting to villagers, learning more about 'real india'

Seeing sides of myself through the lense of others; Learning how to really open up and love other people...and create real, transparent relationships

Being mentored by ethan, bindu and andrea- they seemlessly merged the lines between friend and mentor- thank you so much faculty (Abbi, you too!)

Cookie and tea breaks during class time

Andreas warm ups, bindus silly games, ethans frow

Deepa's (from Solitude Farm) spicy cooking; good indian food<3 (parotas and samosas in KP)

Chingara travels; hiking and waterfalls

B, thank you for your wisdom

Becoming more sustainably minded

All my new friends!

Yup, the semester is over in a few days; our community is about to disperse but I love you all so much. You have changed my life.

Love, Becca

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